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Red Crow is the Best Crow

Welcome to the site of the crows! We are back to business. Our artists have been away for a while now. Mostly to hunt for wild crows in South Australia. We have decided to reopen this web page and get more crow paintings.

Crow is a very special animal. It sings cacophonous but it is cute and is a very social animal. There are many many black crows in Melbourne, which annoys many tourists. Crows are generally in dark color. It is a medium size bird. Crows hang out usually at dumpsters and near corpses.

One does not disrespect a crow. It is a great animal after all. We hope this article gives you some general information on crows and that you will learn more about crows in the near future. We love you, our dear readers. We will be back with more crow paintings like the good old days.